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Eternal blonde Lookbook studio shoot

There is nothing more alluring than an eternal blonde in a long red gown and I am always thrilled to be working with professionals on their portfolio book shots. Here you can see a few takes from our studio portfolio shoot with beautiful Christiana Karnezi, channeling the 1990's bold supermodel Vogue covers, styled by super talented Georgia Sinacheri, made up by the amazing Thanos Vogiatzis!

Having worked on a series of lookbooks from model-school to part-time, and from the runway to commercial, there are several tips I would like to share to aspiring and already in the business models alike concerning their portfolio.

Always, always -I cannot stress this hard enough- include the following : Headshot/ Beauty headshot/ Smiling shot/ Natural light shot/ Editorial shots /Swimsuit shot at the beach or a pool or a commercial shot in the studio / Full length fashion shot in front of seamless paper / A mixture of color and black and white/ Tear sheets from print publications (not webzines). If no one has heard of it, don’t use it. But if you are in a webzine, like Dark Beauty, order a few print copies for you and your book/ Very light makeup shot or no makeup shot wearing jeans and a tank top/ Bold dress shot (check out our studio shot with Christiana) / Intimate but tasteful lingerie shots (think La Perla as an example of a classic BW, Agent Provocateur for color)/ Polaroids (full-length and frontal and side with hair up head shots).

Investing in photo shoots can take a lot of time, money and energy. So do pick your photographers wisely and do not say yes to just any photoshoot that comes your way, especially if it is a free one.

When you have done a shooting that you have particularly enjoyed, do not hesitate to print the images that you think best represent you. Buy a portfolio book (or an elegant looking black binder) to put them in. Make sure you can swap photos in and out because you will probably need to do so as you book with more clients.

A diverse range of styles goes a long way. It is, of course, nice to have a specific style that represents you. Still, a client may want to see that you can do a variety of work (and that you don’t only have one look).

Looking to build up or boost a lookbook for you modeling career? Need more tips? Studio Level 11 is happy to oblige!

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